Using the right mix of skills to transform your business

The right technology can help you cut costs, become more efficient and grow through innovation. But to get the best return on your investment, you need to make sure your software supports your strategic objectives. And that’s where we come in.

We see technology as a means of solving business challenges, not an end in itself. Using it in the right way is a vital step on the road to transforming your business. Through technology we can help you grow and become a more efficient operation.

SAP is one of the world’s foremost business products suppliers and our thought leadership and expertise in their systems is recognised by industry analysts and SAP. With our deep industry knowledge, we’re perfectly placed to help you harness technology and change your business for the better.

Our SAP expertise

  • Our 3,500 SAP professionals, 800 of them SAP-certified professionals, are part of teams that can understand and address your business issues.
  • We draw upon our network of SAP centres of excellence, including global delivery centres in India and China, to help you manage cost-effective SAP development and application maintenance services.
  • We’re investing heavily in our service by acquiring Bearing Point (US, China, India and Japan), Paragon (UK) and Diamond (US, UK and India).
  • Our expertise is recognised by SAP – we are a SAP Global Partner - Services and we’ve won awards for SAP delivery, quality and special expertise.

Our SAP skills are an integral part of our transformation teams. And our people aren’t just skilled in SAP – they have industry and functional expertise too. These specialists support our transformation propositions.

We offer impartial, objective advice to SAP customers, based on what works best for their business. We work with you in a variety of ways: we can help you develop a business case for change, guide you through the process of choosing the right technology, then help you make the most of it.

Here are a few examples of how we’ve helped our clients get the most out of SAP:

  • Transforming financial processes

    A global industrial products company wanted us to help them overhaul their financial processes after a global acquisition. They saw this as the perfect chance to make their financial systems work more efficiently, while incorporating their new company into those systems.

    We used tools we’d developed such as PwC Enterprise Performance Management, SmartClose™ Engagement Toolkit, and PwC SAP Business Process Controls templates.

    This was one of the first large-scale consolidation projects that used the latest version of SAP's BPC software.

  • Taking control of business processes

    We helped a global consumer products company standardise its business systems and make them more efficient using SAP, as part of their global business transformation journey.

    They wanted to make the most of their existing technology, and build on it with a consistent process and control design.

    They decided to utilise SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance Process Control software and we played a major role in advising them on this. We advised management on how to identify, document and build controls that worked with SAP technology. Through implementing SAP GRC solution, we have helped the client to build a sustainable control system. And within six months, we’d helped them increase the level of automation and build a sustainable internal control environment.

  • Improving efficiency through standardisation

    An international organisation wanted us to help them overhaul their processes and systems to improve the efficiency of their business.

    We helped them come up with a business case for change, scope the project, redesign processes and choose technology.

    The project spanned human resources, finance and budgeting, supply chain and logistics, and central support services. Using a single SAP Enterprise Resource Planning platform we standardised their processes, and their reporting across countries, member organisations and cultures.