Embracing innovation

How is your organisation incubating innovative ideas?

Embracing innovation

There are two words for Japanese executives, innovation and emerging markets. There are no exceptions. Everybody is talking about the same thing.

Yoshihide Fujii
CEO, Toshiba America Inc.

How is your company seizing global opportunities - including those in Asia - and addressing new, aggressive competitors?

Innovation models in Japan can adapt to work more effectively in today’s global economy, generating results that more closely reflect the skills and investments being placed in R&D and innovation efforts.

Encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation within companies can boost competitiveness and help capitalise on diverse ideas and efforts to support new and better product development and manufacturing.

Transformational strategy

Japanese corporations have to use new approaches like intrapreneurship and cocreation with outside organisations to re-energise the innovation processes required to be global leaders.

Japanese R&D spending is not being equally matched by market share in R&D intensive exports.

Embracing innovation
Source: Oxford Economics/Haver Analytics