Ageing metabolism

Given demographic and economic realities, is your company poised to take maximum advantage of your talent pool?

Ageing economic metabolism

You should promote people with potential. You should let them know that they can climb up in the company and align your interests together.

Ray Hatoyama
Director & General Manager
Sanrio Company, Limited

Creating an environment where high-value people will want to stay and contribute.

As the domestic workforce continues to shrink, competition for skilled talent will intensify. Japan must not neglect its greatest strength: the ingenuity and intelligence of its entire population.

Japanese corporations need the talents of a wider group of people, throughout the organisation and in the governance structures. Japanese women, foreigners, midcareer hires and the young generation are all groups that bring a huge amount of energy and multitude of ideas. Japanese corporations that embrace these groups will find they are better able to win against both domestic and foreign competitors.

Transformational strategy

Transform your organisation – embrace diversity top to bottom to have the perspectives and vitality necessary to succeed in today’s world.

Workforce trajectories in mature economies

Source: UN Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs
Ageing economic metabolism