A prescription for growth

This is an exciting chapter in corporate Japan's history. It's a time of change and transformation.

Globalisation. Innovation. Fast-paced emerging markets in Japan's backyard. These are only a few of the many opportunities for corporate leaders to seize, to move quickly and make bold decisions to redefine and reposition their organisations - decisions that will leverage existing strengths to improve global competitiveness and enable Japan Inc. to continue as an economic trailblazer. In many ways, Japan is the world’s first advanced economy to face challenges such as an ageing society and how to innovate in order to thrive in an increasingly complex global business environment. How Japan tackles these challenges will serve as models for the world. Change can be difficult. It presents a measure of uncertainty that requires bold leadership. While there is a measure of risk in pursuing new strategies and ideas, the risks of doing nothing are far greater.

Corporate Japan is in an excellent position to capitalise on this critical moment in history. How can your company start the process of strategic and operational transformation?

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Reuters Insider

PwC Chairman Bob Moritz talk to Reuters' Fred Katayama about how how to improve Japan's global competitiveness.

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