Connect and optimize: The new world of digital operations

August 25, 2016

The shift to the industrial Internet is rapidly gathering steam, yet most of the focus has been on making connected products and services for customers. Much less attention has been paid to how and to what degree the industrial Internet will transform companies’ internal operations. If companies are to take full advantage of the great promise of the industrial Internet, they must develop an overall strategy for how to go about it, and then gain a full understanding of the ecosystem of solutions emerging around each of the four areas.

Global Operations Survey 2015

November 18, 2015

Our 2015 Global Operations Survey shows that leading companies are reimagining operations. They are aligning more effectively with business strategy and working across functional lines to build experiences for their customers that are hard to copy. These companies are more confident about their future prospects, too. It's an exciting time for operations leaders, who can drive their companies' destiny like never before.

Top findings: Primed for profitable growth: CEOs streamline the business

February 25, 2015

With change the constant—regulation, technology, competitors—CEOs prep their companies for cost transformation and strategic investing.

Overcoming network logistic complexities in emerging markets

October 23, 2014

When carrying out supply chain network modelling projects in emerging markets, there are a number of challenges to be considered and managed. This paper describes how a sample of these can be overcome.

Service supply chain as a source of competitive advantage

May 13, 2014

After recent years of focus on reducing product and supply chain costs, high performing product manufacturing companies are now taking a structured look at service supply chain operations. Traditionally, the service supply chain for these original equipment manufacturers has been perceived by company officers as hard to manage: a “cost of doing business” and a “second tier driver of business value”. Often, these operations have been an afterthought for creating competitive advantage since spending often exceeds reserves, inventory write-offs are common and customer experience ratings of post-sale services are traditionally weak. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

R&D Integration

April 02, 2014

Managing an R&D organization is both an art and a science with many unique considerations required for integration planning. While the R&D organization is an important source of value, broader transformational opportunities for new product development should also be evaluated to maximize value. Identifying, valuing, and pursuing R&D and product development should begin during due diligence and be an integral part of the overall integration roadmap.

PwC’s M&A Integration Survey

March 02, 2014

In 2008 and 2011, our tri-annual M&A Integration survey reports underscored the need for early planning and an accelerated transition as critical factors for successful integration. This 2014 survey report confirms these factors remain in today’s deals, and offers additional insights – showing that while early planning and rapid transition remain important, the commitment to integration completion over the long-term can be the deciding factor for deal success.

Going beyond reshoring to right-shoring

October 21, 2013

Many companies have experienced the downsides of an extended offshore supply chain, including political ramifications and supply chain shocks. This, along with ongoing structural shifts in low-cost regions, is prompting organizations to rethink their past sourcing decisions. Reshoring has recently become a hot topic in both the C-suite and in the operations organization. While reshoring has its challenges, the trend is very real. This paper addresses the strategic approach to reshoring some organizations are taking in order to improve margins.

Innovation, Growth and Business Strategy

September 16, 2013

What exactly are innovation leaders doing differently?

Making the right risk decisions to strengthen operations performance

August 15, 2013

This report by PwC and MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation analyses supply chain & risk management approaches of companies facing high risks: raw material price & currency fluctuation, market changes, fuel price volatility & natural disasters.

Five steps to better demand plan clarity and accuracy

February 05, 2013

Five steps to better demand plan clarity and accuracy

Next-generation supply chains: Efficient, fast and tailored: PwC's PRTM Global supply chain survey 2013

September 17, 2012

Our Global supply chain survey shows how supply chain leaders are moving ahead of the pack. Read the report and see how PwC can help you compete more effectively.

A homecoming for US manufacturing? Why a resurgence in US manufacturing may be the next big bet

September 12, 2012

The manufacturing sector in the US is rebounding. Factors that could impact reshoring decisions include labor, materials, transportation/energy costs, market demand, the availability of talent and capital, tax rates, and currency fluctuations.

Operational footprint

January 31, 2012

Companies that have then taken the step to “rationalize” their operational footprints have managed to rein in excessive costs, but frequently have ended up unable to adapt quickly to changes in the business landscape. The existing operational footprint makes it difficult to respond in ways that will benefit the bottom line. As the business world becomes more interconnected, companies with intelligent and resilient operational footprint will be able to effectively compete.