Through the looking glass:
What successful businesses find in India

Pattern one
Pattern two:
Niche segments demand tailored solutions

It may be tempting to manage risk by entering the Indian market with established products but understanding and responding to local conditions will lead to long-term success.

Companies looking for sustainable revenue growth in India are asking:

  • Are we considering a full range of factors, from customer preferences to domestic regulations, before launching products in India's domestic market?
  • Should we enter with a broad product portfolio to cater to multiple needs? Or should we focus on a niche segment with narrowly-targeted offering?
  • Tweaking existing products and services could seem lucrative, but may not pay off in the long run.
  • Create a differentiated offering to consistently command a price premium over cheaper substitutes.
  • Be open to redesigning and reengineering existing product portfolios.

The purchasing power of India's consumer groups

The purchasing power of India's consumer groups; The growth in rural spending



The market is highly segmented


Niche segments demand tailored solutions


Relationships can make or break channel strategy


Integration and collaboration are central to strong supply chains


In India, think operating models for India