Through the looking glass:
What successful businesses find in India

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Relationships can make or break channel strategy

From roadside vendors to high street malls, India's retail trade is dispersed and diverse. This requires relationships with a range of customers such as well-entrenched mom and pop stores and newer hypermarket chains.

Companies looking for sustainable revenue growth in India are asking:

  • Do we build new channels from scratch or increase our reliance on third-party channel partners?
  • As we enter or expand in the market, how can we compete with the established channel relationships of our competitors?
  • In a dispersed and segmented market it is necessary to incentivize and manage many different kinds of channel partners.
  • Sometimes, this means giving up some control in order to increase market penetration.
  • Building long-term partnerships with channels, who may have established relationships with competitors, is a critical element of success in the Indian market.

Sanjeev Kumar,
CFO, Coca-Cola India

On how the company is strengthening its relationships with India's retail trade

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The market is highly segmented


Niche segments demand tailored solutions


Relationships can make or break channel strategy


Integration and collaboration are central to strong supply chains


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