Through the looking glass:
What successful businesses find in India

Pattern one
Pattern five:
In India, think operating models for India

To succeed in India's complex environment the operating model must respond to local conditions and support differentiators such as agility, speed to market, and ability to drive low-cost innovations .

Companies looking for sustainable revenue growth in India are asking:

  • What capabilities and processes can we import from the home country and which ones must be localized?
  • How do we structure these capabilities, e.g., on-shoring vs. off-shoring, build vs. buy, partnership-based vs. self-owned?
  • Creating the operating model for entering and expanding in India requires a complete mindset shift.
  • What’s tried and tested in mature markets may not have the right capabilities and structural elements for success in India.

John Flannery,
President and CEO, GE India

On how the global organization change its structure for India

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The market is highly segmented


Niche segments demand tailored solutions


Relationships can make or break channel strategy


Integration and collaboration are central to strong supply chains


In India, think operating models for India