Success in globalisation is all about 'how'

When it comes to globalisation and delivering growth in new markets, the ‘what, where and why’ are now rarely in doubt. You and your main competitors are usually heading for the same markets and focusing on the same opportunities. The real secret of success lies in the way businesses tackle the ‘how’. And one of the best ways to make sure you get this right is to learn from the experiences of organisations that are already successfully navigating the issues.

In 2010 we introduced a new framework - the Globalisation Maturity Model - to help senior executives address the challenges of global expansion, and deliver the key operational changes needed to realise their strategic goals.

Two years on, we've captured real-life experiences of some of our clients, together with the latest data and insights from some 1,250 CEOs. In Growth in new markets: It's all about how, we bring you practical examples of how top-performing global companies are using the Globalisation Maturity Model to guide their investment and execution efforts, and show you how they are minimising the risks of globalisation and maximising their chances of long term success in new markets.