Guiding global growth: A new framework for navigating expansion

As the opening of global markets over the past two decades has brought greater opportunities for businesses, it has also brought an inevitable increase in operational complexity and systemic risk. Without a clear framework to guide their international expansion and partnerships, firms can make costly missteps.

Guiding Global Growth, published in 2010, introduces the Globalisation Maturity Model – our framework to help companies address the complexity of globalisation. The framework is based on our research which looked at how companies, across different industries, were tackling the issue of globalisation. Our research showed that the globalisation journey occurs in three distinct phases, which we have called: (Export, Regionalise and Originate). In each phase there are nine common dimensions senior management teams need to master: Market Reach, Market Offerings, Operations, Procurement, Intellectual Property Management, Capital, Talent, Operating Model and Governance.

In Guiding Global Growth, we explore this framework in more detail and examine some of the real-life experiences of leading international companies that led to the development of the Globalisation Maturity Model.