Our services

Our team of specialists, based all around the world, can tackle any crisis or anxiety costing you sleep: corruption, fraud, cybercrime, contract disputes, litigation, intellectual property and licensing compliance, insurance claims, regulatory investigations, and so on. We’ll work with you to overcome complex challenges, with an uncompromising approach in the war against economic crime. We’re your trusted advisor, your expert witness, your investigator and your representative in mediation and arbitration. 

We're accountants, financial analysts, technology experts, statisticians, economists, engineers, compliance officers, fraud examiners, former regulators and members of law enforcement who will pick through accounts and underlying records, sift electronic data, analyse contracts and interview people. 

We fight threats to your brand and bottom line – anywhere and everywhere, at a moment’s notice.

Anti-corruption services

The headlines are full of companies accused of corruption, and those charges have a huge impact. No business is immune to corruption – deliberate or unintentional – or its effects. Senior executives may be genuinely unaware of any wrong-doing, but the public often refuses to accept ignorance as an excuse. Headlines on a single incident of alleged corruption can irreparably damage a company’s reputation and finances, threatening its stability and competitive position.

Our anti-corruption professionals have experience, knowledge and global reach. They help our clients understand and respond to anti-corruption compliance in all its phases, even when their businesses span many jurisdictions and are governed by many regulators.

They help companies investigate alleged acts of corruption as well as design, implement, evaluate and monitor anti-corruption programmes.

Our services, which meet domestic and international standards, include:

  • risk analysis and gap assessments
  • evaluating, designing and implementing programmes
  • designing and running training programmes
  • performing forensic investigations and asset tracing across jurisdictions.

As a result, we help organisations to:

  • protect their reputation at home and abroad
  • update, refine and streamline their compliance measures
  • minimize losses – both direct and indirect – related to corrupt acts
  • build productive working relationships with regulatory bodies
  • promote themselves as thought leaders in business ethics.

Watch our short animated video on how our anti-bribery and corruption team can help you.

Corporate intelligence

Organisations are increasingly looking at emerging markets – think joint ventures, mergers/acquisitions, export markets, cost reduction. But with the world of opportunity comes a level of uncertainty. Who are you doing business with? Are they the right organisations for you to be doing business with? Are there alternatives?

We can help you assess global risks to your business integrity, reputation and brand through:

  • interrogating a wide range of public information and proprietary data sources including corporate information, litigation, and sanctions data – who is behind the organisations with whom you’re doing business, and what is their reputation?
  • our expertise in conducting multilingual Internet, media and social media and blog research – what is the market chatter?
  • our extensive network of ‘people who know,’ internally through our network, but also former journalists and in-country industry specialists – how are the organisations with whom you do business perceived and what are their credentials?

Watch our short animated video on how our Corporate Intelligence team can help you monitor and mitigate your risks in real time using RADAR.

Cyber security

Today, cyber-threats are a clear and present danger to the global business ecosystem. Information security is a rapidly evolving game of advanced skill and strategy, and as a result, security models of the past decade are no longer effective.

The business world has changed; cyber-security is no longer only an IT challenge – it’s a business imperative. CEOs and corporate boards need to get involved in managing cyber-risks, by providing leadership, oversight and governance. You need to protect the systems and information that your organisation’s growth depends on. And you need to respond quickly to cyber breaches – or face significant financial losses and irreparable damage to your organisation’s reputation.

We give technical help and advice to clients all over the world – whether they’re handling a cyber breach or crisis right now, or want to be better prepared against cyber-attacks. Whatever the situation, we’re here to help.

We have specialists in investigation, security and risk services, including former law-enforcement agents and attorneys. Our team includes Certified Information System Security Professionals, SANS Certified Forensic Analysts, Certified Information System Auditors, Encase Certified Examiners, Electronic Records Management Masters, Certified Fraud Examiners, Certified Anti-Money Laundering Malware Reverse Engineering and Incident Handling Specialists. We have 65 cyber-labs in 37 countries, and our methods and processes stand up to scrutiny by the courts and regulators.

We help to make your investments in security match the risks we’ve helped identify. We put together an integrated plan for information security, helping to secure your assets by:

  • reducing the risk involved in managing sensitive data
  • meeting regulatory, legal and other requirements in the way you use data and protect sensitive information
  • understanding the types of data you’re collecting, transmitting and storing in your IT ecosystem
  • working out how sensitive different types of information assets are, then comparing their risks and calculating their value to your business
  • classifying data in a way that allows you to prioritise what you’re doing to protect or fix it – and what you’re spending on it
  • matching the protection method to the classification level
  • making sure everyone works in secure ways that are based on tiered classification levels
  • training staff who handle sensitive information, so they’re more aware of what they’re doing.
Watch our short animated video on how our cyber security team can help you.

Emerging markets

Fledgling economies can create tremendous value. But they can also involve substantial risk. Not every business is equipped to recognise and understand risk-related challenges, much less counter them. It takes a special set of skills, experience and insight to know what to do in a business environment that might have:

  • immature government institutions
  • inconsistent regulation
  • uncertain labour markets
  • easily disrupted supply chains
  • unstable politics
  • business partners with uncertain backgrounds and integrity
  • a culture of avoiding litigation and other formal dispute processes.

Forensic dispute services

No company makes an agreement expecting it to end in dispute. In business, however, disagreements can happen at any time. We help protect your organisation by pre-empting and avoiding disputes, as well as by helping you to deal with them effectively if they do happen. We also work closely with you to consider the merits of a dispute, helping you make an informed decision about whether to continue with the process.

Our disputes team consists of experts in finance, accounting, economics and industry – all around the world. We have a wide range of experience, from giving strategy advice to providing expertwitness testimony. We work on local and international disputes, arbitrations and mediations.

Watch our short animated video on how our disputes services team can help you.

Forensic technology solutions

Electronically-stored information often grows faster than an organisation’s ability to manage it.

IT systems are designed for normal business needs; they are not designed to respond to critical incidents that create an immediate need for that data to be preserved, analysed and produced.

Our forensic technology teams help clients manage vast amounts of electronic data and navigate the legal and business processes that are mandated by these critical events.

Such critical events include:

  • litigation – it is key to quickly collate and catalogue all relevant information from all sources for the purpose of legal disclosure
  • regulatory requests – comprehensive and robust analysis of large volumes of data to respond to specific demands from a regulator
  • internal investigations –there is a need to substantiate allegations made against the business or an employee quickly and efficiently with electronic communication and data requiring to be analysed.

We have two core areas of expertise, the analysis of unstructured data (such as emails, office documents, photographic images etc) and the analysis of structured data (such as what you might find in a finance database). We refer to these specialist areas as e-disclosure and data analytics respectively. In reality, the line between the two is increasingly blurred and as a result we operate as an integrated team with the breadth of skills required to analyse all types of electronic information.

Underpinning the team is a strong understanding of the wider commercial issues, such as how to minimise the cost and disruption to the business and legal issues such as data protection.

Watch our short animated video on how our Forensic Technology Solutions and Investigative Analytics teams can help you.

Fraud risk mitigation

Economic crime does not discriminate.  It is truly global and the costs keep rising. Economic crime can seriously tarnish reputation causing organisations to lose market share.

As societies become less tolerant of unethical behaviour, businesses need to make sure they are building and maintaining public trust. 

Corporate fraud is a real and substantial threat to the stability of any business.  Often, an investigation starts with only a suspicion or an anonymous tip-off.  Investigating bodies or law-enforcement agencies then take over. 

The damage done by corporate fraud goes far beyond directly losing money.  Even an accusation of fraud can undermine intangible assets like business relationships, reputation and brands – all essential to every business.

We help organisations manage their economic crime risks before problems happen, eliminating and mitigating threats. We can help you analyse, investigate and improve your control environments. Our global reach and dedicated local teams allow us to design a solution to your unique challenges. We’ve pioneered new technology for capturing, managing and analysing data to facilitate fraud risk identification reviews.

Government contractor services & export controls

The world’s governments offer great financial opportunities to businesses – not only in the defence industry, but also in healthcare, security, cyber, construction and information technology. In growth regions like the Middle East, Asia and South America, countries have increased direct spending with contractors as their economies have improved. And elsewhere – in the US, the UK and Australia, for example – governments are still among the world’s largest consumers of goods and services.

Despite the vast opportunities in direct foreign sales, contractors face many risks that could affect their international success. Each government has different procurement laws and regulations, which change frequently.

Governments’ budget priorities and procurement processes also shift continually.

Government contractors face a huge number of export-control laws and regulations. In the US, more than a dozen government agencies administer and enforce export controls. Many countries in Europe,Asia and the Americas also have export controls for local jurisdictions, affecting contractors doing business in those regions.

Insurance claims

When disaster strikes a business, no-one is ever fully prepared. In the confusing aftermath, companies need to assess the damage and organise recovery efforts fast to minimise disruption and restore business operations. But the process of managing an insurance claim needs a significant investment of time, resources and experience. Without these, businesses are at a disadvantage when it comes to the nuances of loss assessment and resolution.

Our experience in insurance claims is extensive.

We have the global resources to respond to your claim, particularly after a catastrophic event.

We understand all the nuances of loss resolution and will be focused on getting the right result for you.

We’re industry specialists and have significant credentials across the following sectors:

  • Agriculture
  • Chemicals
  • Communications
  • Consumer Products
  • Entertainment and Hospitality
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Utilities

Investigation services

Fraud – along with other financial, non-financial and regulatory irregularities – is one of the biggest and most damaging risks businesses face.

The headlines are full of organisations both in the private and public sectors affected by fraud, irregularity or other wrong-doing – either as victim or accused.

The impact can be enormous. Our recent Global Economic Crime Survey revealed that one third of respondents suffered from economic crime, and of those almost 1 in 10 suffered losses of US$5 million or more. As well as financial loss, organisations face reputational damage, disbarment from tendering, personal embarrassment and so on.

In a global market with increasing legal and regulatory requirements combined with a more active enforcement approach, the investigation of fraud and other irregularities requires a thorough, professional and independent approach.

You, your shareholders and possibly regulators will require the assurance of an effective response, should an issue arise that poses regulatory, financial or reputational risk.

Our team draws from experienced investigators, forensic accountants, corporate intelligence specialists, forensic computer experts, economists, engineers and certified fraud examiners – to name only a few.

Our experts come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including law enforcement, accounting and IT. They combine practical experience and formal training with a wide range of tools and techniques to detect and investigate a variety of situations, including:

  • corporate irregularities
  • whistleblower allegations
  • asset misappropriation
  • regulatory violations
  • improper business relationships
  • patent and copyright infringement
  • financial reporting fraud
  • suspicious transactions
  • conflicts of interest
  • bribery and corruption.

We’ve worked with many organisations to tackle their fraud and corruption risks. We help organisations with their strategies for planning, prevention, detection and response, so that fraud management becomes part of their enterprise-wide risk management.