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What is Forensic Services?

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Managing your business risk and protecting reputation and value

Your reputation – with your customers and employees, the public, regulators and other companies – is what keeps you in business and underpins your success.  But reputation can be lost with terrifying speed.  Hackers steal your data.  A competitor accuses your sales force of corruption.  A dispute with your business partner threatens to erode value.  An accounting discrepancy undermines market confidence.  Members of the press discover related party transactions in a joint venture.  The risks you face are unending and continue to change.

You need to know the facts immediately.  If there is a problem, you need a speedy explanation and a credible plan to fix it.  Prevention is even better – knowing where your vulnerabilities are and managing the risks involved.  All this requires investigation, analysis and assessment – of accounts, people, communications, events, data – all governed by complex, technical and ever-changing rules across multiple jurisdictions. That’s what we do.

We’re your trusted advisor, your expert witness, your investigator and your representative in mediation and arbitration. We fight threats to your brand and bottom line – anywhere and everywhere, at a moment’s notice.

Our services

Our team based around the world includes accountants, financial analysts, technology experts, statisticians, economists, engineers, compliance officers, fraud examiners, former regulators and members of law enforcement. They specialise in: 

  • Anti-corruption services
  • Corporate intelligence
  • Cyber security
  • Emerging markets
  • Forensic dispute services
  • Forensic Technology Solutions
  • Fraud risk mitigation
  • Government contractor services & export controls
  • Insurance claims
  • Investigation services

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