Global monthly highlights: July 2014

July 2014

Research and insights

The future of work: a journey to 2022
Major forces are radically reshaping the world of work as we know it. We’ve taken a journey to 2022 to look at three possible future ‘worlds of work’ and how organisations might operate in the future. We look at the recruitment, reward and employee engagement strategies that are likely to be most relevant as these worlds evolve, and what this means for businesses, workforces and HR. Explore the findings and take our short quiz to find out which world of work you belong to.
PwC Global Airline CEO Survey 2014: strategic sights set on transformation and innovation
We spoke to airline CEOs to discover how the industry is set to respond to important transformative trends in the coming years. As the changing balance of economic power is expected to have a drastic effect on the industry, the report highlights changes ahead for airlines across three major areas: organisational structure, technology and talent.
Corporate performance: what do investors want to know?
Understanding the needs and opinions of investment professionals is crucial if management teams are to prepare truly useful financial reports and accounts. We’ve carried out a series of surveys with investment professionals aimed at maximising the effectiveness of corporate reporting. In this first report, we look at the disclosure of adjusted performance measures, and aim to identify opportunities for improving APM reporting.
Equipped for the future: re-inventing your financial services organisation
As rapid shifts transform the financial services industry, how can businesses equip themselves to compete in this evolving market? In this new report, we explore the forces driving change and their implications for business, as well as outlining our blueprint for the successful organisation of the future.
Cash for growth: PwC’s global working capital survey 2014
While there are many factors that can affect a company’s ability to grow, we know that both cash and investment are essential to sustaining this growth. In our 2014 annual working capital survey, we explore how countries and sectors compare in their management of working capital, the levels of investment needed to fund the increase in working capital and how large the opportunity to release cash for growth really is.
The future shape of banking: time for reformation of banking and banks?
Banks today are facing rapid and irreversible changes across technology, customer behaviour and regulation. The net effect is that the industry’s current shape and operating models are no longer sustainable into the future. In this new paper, we look at four key areas banks need to address in order to remain relevant in years to come.

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