Global monthly highlights: July 2015

July 2015

Research and insights

Golden Age Index: how well are countries harnessing the power of older workers?
An ageing population is one of the key megatrends affecting many developed countries. PwC’s Golden Age Index compares the employment of older workers across 34 OECD countries and finds that countries can add billions of dollars to their coffers if they follow best practice in harnessing the potential of these workers. Find out which countries are leading the way in this new report.
Insurance Banana Skins 2015
Cyber risk and interest rates are now among the top risks for insurers, according to the results of our biennial survey, produced by the CSFI in association with PwC. Their entry, new into the rankings of this fifth successive survey, shows how much of a concern they’ve become for the industry when looked at in conjunction with regulatory developments and the broader macro-economy. Find out what other challenges the insurance industry is facing in this new Banana Skins report.
What one capability is critical for tomorrow's CEO?
We asked CEOs, in this year’s 18th Annual Global CEO Survey, what was the one capability they thought would be most critical for tomorrow’s CEOs to develop? As you might imagine, we got a wide range of answers. But the single biggest category of responses, across all regions, was this: strategic thinking. So, what does an effective strategic thinker look like? Find out in this new article and short video.
Why you can’t scare people into doing the right thing
Regulators, governments and firms have – to date - mostly focused their efforts on deterring employee bad behaviour through punishment and penalties. Yet the financial services industry continues to be plagued by scandal and foul play. Few firms have looked to build and nurture cultural environments that emphasise the right behaviours that are more likely lead to positive outcomes in the long term. We explore the merits of such an approach in this new joint PwC/London Business School study.
Bridging the Gap: 2015 Annual Global Working Capital Survey
Our new survey reveals that, for the first time since 2010, working capital has shown a significant improvement, contributing to a jump of 11.3% in the cash-on-hand of companies. But, with revenue trends suggesting that an additional EUR 237 billion is needed to finance next year's growth alone, there’s still a significant gap to bridge. We analysed the working capital performance of 10,215 listed companies worldwide from 2010 to 2014, and investigated how it varies by industry and geography. Explore the results here.
Online hotel reviews: the guests’ verdict
Online reviews are an important source of information for customers booking accommodation and travel. Even if they don’t book their travel online, most customers will at least review sites before making a booking decision. We’ve analysed online review data from hotels across 48 cities, showing hotel and destination managers where there’s room for improvement and providing insight on how they can better use online reviews in their daily business.

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