Global monthly highlights: June 2015

June 2015

Research and insights

CEO pulse on robotics: are CEOs ready for the era of automation?
If there's one theme that CEOs stress time and time again, it's the potential of new technology to drive innovation and business growth. The past 25 years have seen this belief validated through the transformative power of the internet, mobile, social media and the Cloud. But could robotics have the biggest technological influence of them all? Find out what CEOs from across the globe had to say in our latest CEO pulse.
Global entertainment and media outlook 2015-2019
It’s increasingly clear that consumers today see little divide between digital and traditional media: what they want is more flexibility, freedom and convenience in when and how they consume any kind of content. So what steps do entertainment and media companies need to take in order to master the user experience and succeed in this industry? Find out in our 16th edition of the Outlook.
People strategy for the digital age: a new take on talent
The digital revolution is reshaping the way we live our lives and the way we work. As business strategies undergo a fundamental re-think, so must organisations’ people strategies - because whatever technological innovations are ahead, it’s the people that will make the difference between eventual success and failure. In this new report, based on findings from PwC’s 18th Annual Global CEO Survey, we highlight what leaders need to do to build a people strategy for the digital age.
Redesigning institutions (to rebuild trust)
In this digital age, where people have access to information like never before, the need for trust in business and society is greater than ever. But how’s trust created and how does it become embedded in the design of institutions within the political, economic and financial system? We explore this topic in more detail in this new article - and ask if a Magna Carta for the digital age could be what’s required.
Female millennials in financial services: strategies for a new era of talent
Female millennials are set to play a key part in the future growth of financial services as organisations look to broaden their talent pool and attract people with fresh ideas and experiences. We recently carried out a survey to explore the aspirations of this generation of women, what they’d like from the organisations they work for, and whether their expectations are being met.
Global Top 100 companies: 2015 update
We’ve ranked the top 100 global companies by market capitalisation and compared how this list has evolved from 2009 to today. As global economic conditions have improved, it’s interesting to see how the fortunes of the world’s biggest companies have evolved. Explore our new report and infographic to see how the global corporate landscape has changed.
Reshaping the tax function of the future
Evolving trends are changing the way that tax functions operate – from both a day-to-day and a long-term strategic planning perspective. In this first instalment from our new thought leadership series, we explore the challenges facing tax, and how the current tax function needs to change to support and keep pace with the wider business.

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