Global monthly highlights: January 2015

January 2015

Research and insights

18th Annual Global CEO Survey. A marketplace without boundaries? Responding to disruption
CEOs are displaying a sense of optimism despite the picture they’re painting this year of an increasingly fluid and disrupted business environment. They’re adapting to an era of unprecedented digital change that’s shaking up traditional industries and prompting forward-thinking CEOs to question the very business they’re in. Explore the full findings from this year's CEO Survey including our data explorer tool to compare CEOs perspectives from different geographies and industry sectors.
Presence to profitability
Most multinationals, across sectors, have long recognised the importance of the Growth markets to increasing their companies’ profits. But few have been able to develop distribution networks that provide them with the same levels of confidence and profitability they enjoy in their home markets. PwC’s Growth Markets Centre explores the need for identifying and effectively managing the right channel partner to overcome these challenges.
Agile Defense. Sustainable Cost Reduction on the Path to Greater Agility
Can defense organisations reduce costs without sacrificing their efforts to become increasingly agile? Over the past three years, PwC has been speaking with senior defense leaders around the world to explore this question and the future structures and capabilities required of defense organisations to tackle this challenge. In this paper, we look at the concept of sustainable cost reduction and the attributes an agile defense organisation should cultivate and promote.
Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe 2015. A balancing act
Europe’s real estate industry expects to be busier and more profitable in 2015, despite concerns over weak fundamentals and economic conditions. The five leading cities for investment prospects in 2015 are a mix of German stalwarts and recovery plays: Berlin is top, followed by Dublin, Madrid, Hamburg and, in a remarkable revival, Athens. Browse 28 European cities investment prospects for 2015 using our interactive map.
ETF 2020. Preparing for a new horizon
The ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) market is growing at a rapid pace. ETFs are no longer considered a niche product and a growing number of organisations are likely to enter this market in the future. To help asset managers prepare to compete in this fast changing environment, we’ve explored the ongoing evolution of this market, barriers to growth and the opportunities that lie ahead - and how managers can plan for 2020.
The road ahead. Gaining momentum from energy transformation
Changes in consumer behaviour, new forms of competition, renewable and distributed energy and regulation are having a big impact on the power sector. In this report, we explore these as well as future disruptions affecting the sector and introduce PwC’s Energy Transformation framework, designed to help companies deal with the impact of these changes now and into the future.
Football’s Digital Transformation. Growth opportunities for football in the digital age
The football business has entered the digital age. Personalised content is the new driver of media revenue streams and advanced technologies are opening up new business models and growth strategies for the industry. In collaboration with International Football Arena and Exonet, PwC Switzerland explores these technologies and their potential impact on how the football business is run today.
Forging a winning culture
As the nature of financial services – and what customers expect from FS organisations – changes, culture is set to play an ever more important role in organisations’ ability to sustain profitability and growth. But, after several years of determined effort to reshape attitudes and behaviour, many boards have been left wondering why the culture within their organisation hasn’t really changed. This new paper look at how FS organisations can actively shape their culture and turn it to competitive advantage.

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