Spotlight on: Mobile technology

Spotlight on: Mobile technology

Spotlight on: Mobile technology

The rapid adoption of mobile devices is creating new opportunities, and even business models, for the companies prepared to innovate and embrace change. Find out more in selected insights from across PwC.

Mobile technology has come of age. Thanks to a perfect technology storm that’s seen mobile collide and combine with social media, cloud computing and online analytics, today’s business landscape is poised for the sort of change not witnessed since the first Industrial Revolution.

That’s exciting because of the opportunities mobile offers for growth and new business models. According to our 17th Annual Global CEO Survey, 81% of CEOs believe technological advances, such as mobile, will transform business and society in the next five years.

Yet mobile technology also creates great uncertainty for business. This new technological journey is increasingly being shaped by the demands of the customer. The digital revolution has produced a new generation of consumers who have come to expect accessible, portable, flexible, instant and customised products and services. As our Emerging Technology blog explains, companies now have to be ‘always on’ and ready to adapt both business models and communication to the way customers are using mobile technology.

There’s no putting this mobile genie back in the bottle. Not only have mobile devices put more power in the hands of consumers, they're also being embraced at a rapid pace. While the telephone took 76 years to reach half of all US households, the smartphone took less than a decade. In our Mobile Innovations Forecast series, we explore the future of mobile and the implications for business.

Ultimately, those companies that harness this rapid mobile innovation will be able to cement existing business models and also create value in different ways. Already mobile is moving into new areas of growth like wearable technology and The Internet of Things. So how exactly can CEOs increase their chances for success as technology rewrites the rules for business? We explore nine trends to pay attention to in The New Digital Ecosystem Reality.

How is mobility disrupting your industry?
It took 22 years for the first 2 billion people to connect to the Internet. The next 2 billion users will come online within the next five years.

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