Spotlight on: Cyber security

Spotlight on: Cyber security

As cyber attacks continue to rise, organisations’ approaches to cyber security must keep pace. Read selected insights from across PwC on how businesses are adapting to this new reality.

Reported cyber security breaches are up by 25% in the last 12 months, a trend that’s sure to continue in the coming years as more data and ideas are digitised and shared across global networks and on personal mobile devices. As our Global State of Information Security report shows, cyber security is no longer the blind spot it was for many organisations. Budgets to combat digital vandals, spies and thieves have swelled and confidence in corporate capability in this area is climbing. But while many organisations have raised the bar on security, their adversaries continue to outpace them.

A feature of cyber security threats is that they’re perennial. As long as there’s innovation and change in the way organisations store and communicate information, there’ll be opportunities for adversaries to breach and compromise security; from individual campaigners intent on causing reputational damage to well-funded and commercially or politically motivated hackers.

So widespread are digital technologies today (and therefore the associated threats) that it’s difficult to conceive a notion of credible leadership that doesn’t take account of these risks and responsibilities. The cyber-savvy CEO provides a quick summary of the issues and some basic steps towards preventing, or at least mitigating the risks of, a successful cyber attack.

Look out for PwC’s Global Economic Crime survey (due for publication in February 2014) for the latest on cyber crime and other established and emerging business threats.

PwC US partners share their experiences on why cyber security strategy belongs in the c-suite and the boardroom.

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