Global monthly highlights: January 2014

January 2014

Research and insights

Special focus on: 17th Annual Global CEO Survey - Fit for the future: Capitalising on global trends

In our 17th Annual Global CEO Survey, launched 21 January 2014, we set out to uncover how CEOs are searching for growth in a still-challenging environment. We also explore the global trends reshaping the enterprise – and what leading CEOs are doing to be fit for the future.

Key findings This year’s survey sees a leap in CEOs’ confidence in the global economy – but caution as to whether this will translate into better prospects for their own companies. We explore three 'mega-trends' that business leaders think will transform their business in the next five years - and how these trends are creating new opportunities for growth through: creating value in new ways; developing tomorrow’s workforce; and serving new consumers.

CEO interviews To better understand CEOs’ perspectives for 2014, we conducted in-depth interviews with 34 CEOs around the world. Watch extracts from these interviews to see what CEOs had to say on key events, trends and issues shaping business decision-making today.

Explore the data How did CEOs in your industry and country respond to the survey? Find out by exploring the data from over 1,300 CEO interviews using our interactive charting tool.

Find out more For a full analysis of the survey results, download a copy of the main report here. You can also watch a replay of the live survey launch from the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos.

Coming soon Industry-specific analysis and insights from the survey will be released on 5 February. And you can also explore CEOs' perspectives on the role of business in society from 11 February. Sign-up for an email alert to remind you when these insights are available.