Global monthly highlights: December 2013

December 2013

Research and insights

Spotlight on: Cyber security
As cyber attacks continue to rise, organisations' approaches to cyber security must keep pace. Read selected insights from across PwC on how business are adapting to this new reality.

Paying Taxes 2014: The global picture
Now in its eighth edition, our joint annual report with the World Bank and IFC is a unique study which investigates and compares tax regimes across 189 economies worldwide, ranking them according to the relative ease of paying taxes. How have business tax systems changed over the last nine years, in your economy and abroad? In what new ways are tax authorities levying taxes today? And what tax reforms are governments implementing around the world? Find out here.
Low Carbon Economy Index 2013: Busting the carbon budget
For the fifth year running we’ve examined the rate of decarbonisation in the G20 in our Low Carbon Economy Index (LCEI). And it's not good reading. On current trends, we’ll use up this century’s carbon budget by 2034. Put simply, we’re busting the carbon budget.
Cities of Opportunity: Building the future
This study analyses data from the Cities of Opportunity report, which tracks the performance of 27 of the world’s key urban centres, from the perspective of the traditional and social infrastructure needed to make cities work and grow. It focuses on current infrastructure provision and unmet demand among the cities, and forecasts the levels of potential urban infrastructure in each of the 27 locations, showing a number of surprises today as well as great levels of potential growth in the future.
Smarter incentives: Turning the regulatory shake-up to your advantage
The regulation of reward is intensifying and fragmenting as more staff are brought into the net, and the rules in the EU and other parts of the world continue to diverge. As we explore in this paper, a more durable approach to reward policy is needed. We look at how to meet the new regulatory demands in the short-term. We also look at how to use the changes as an opportunity to bring incentives into line with the wider strategic rethink within your business.
The Africa Business Agenda 2013
A key feature of the post-2008 recession has been the increase in prominence of Africa as an investment destination. With Africa already showing a higher-than average growth rate, a significant number of multinationals have declared their organisations’ intentions of growing their presence in Africa. The third edition of The Africa Business Agenda provides high-level insight about the African operating environment, drawing on perspectives from CEOs and PwC executives on the continent.
The power of pricing: How to make an impact on the bottom line
Pricing matters. A 1% price increase typically delivers an 11% impact on profit. So in a volatile and competitive market, it’s more important than ever to give pricing the attention and focus it deserves. We asked pricing specialists from over 500 companies from around the world about pricing as part of their business strategy and how they currently approach it. The results show significant trends in pricing capabilities and practices between different industries and countries, and highlight a number of opportunities for further improvement.