Global monthly highlights: July 2013

July 2013

Research and insights

Unleashing the power of innovation
Innovative organisations are marked out by their visionary leadership, licence to explore new ideas, readiness to collaborate and ability to commercialise new ideas quickly. In our new study, we explore the changing role and nature of innovation in today’s businesses, drawing on responses from a survey of 246 CEOs around the world. Read more and take our short online poll.
Shifting the balance from direct to indirect taxes: bringing new challenges
The trend for governments to raise more revenues through indirect taxes seems set to continue. The spread of Value Added Tax and Goods and Services Tax is continuing at a rapid pace across the world, and the design of these taxes is constantly under review where already in place. Read the full report for a snapshot of the current global landscape and details of the pivotal challenges to come.
Insurance Banana Skins 2013
Find out what risks insurers worldwide are facing in the current climate and how they’re prioritising them in Insurance Banana Skins 2013. This biennial survey, conducted by PwC in association with the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI), draws on insights from over 660 insurers, regulators and close observers of the industry across 54 countries.
Global Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey 2013. Navigating to tomorrow: serving clients and creating value
The wealth management industry is at an inflection point, precipitated by continuing regulatory pressure, a challenging macro-economic environment, margin compression, changing demographics and trust challenges. Find out more about how the industry intends to prioritise its response and the level of organisational agility needed for success in our 20th anniversary issue of the Global Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey.
China’s war on water scarcity
This short report examines water scarcity in the emerging world, with a focus on China and desalination. It includes a close up look at IDE, an entrepreneurial Israeli water company working closely with China and other nations. Find out more in PwC's Emerging Markets Infrastructure Series, which provides insights on the goals, challenges, risks and opportunities associated with emerging market infrastructure developments.
Competing for African markets: Strategies to win new business now
While the US and Europe attempt to recover from the financial crisis, sub-Saharan Africa has sustained average GDP growth rates of more than five percent. The trend of strong economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa has allowed the continent to better withstand the effects of a trough in the global business cycle. So, how can multinational companies share in the vast potential of this largely untapped market? Find out more in this short article.