Global monthly highlights: May 2013

May 2013

Research and insights

Resilience: Question everything. Be ready for anything. New Resilience microsite now live.
Explore resilience issues – from digital disruptions to societal shifts, geopolitical turbulence and more -- on our newly released, easy-to-navigate Resilience site. The regularly updated content, PwC points of view and dedicated blog offer fresh insights on how you can reposition, rethink, and reinvent your organisation to remain resilient.
Global IPSAS survey: Towards a new era in government accounting and reporting
Better accounting leads to better reporting. And that means better decision making. The Global IPSAS survey analyses key aspects of government accounting and financial reporting with a focus on three themes: the dynamic for accrual accounting; making the transition to accrual accounting; and the future of the government finance function.
PwC Global 100 Software Leaders
The global software industry is in the midst of evolutionary change as several market forces converge. Trends such as cloud, software-as-a-service (SaaS), mobile devices and consumerisation of IT are impacting how software vendors develop, market, sell, distribute and support their products. Find out more, including how leading software companies are using these trends to their advantage.
Through the looking glass: What successful businesses find in India
The Indian market demands a strategy that addresses its diverse consumer groups and counters business risk with a tailored operating model. In this new report, several US-headquartered businesses and entrepreneurial Indian companies share their experiences about what it takes to successfully enter or expand in the Indian market.
International Arbitration Survey 2013: Corporate choices in International Arbitration
In this survey, we look at how corporations use international arbitration, especially within three sectors of strategic importance to the world economy: Energy, Construction and Financial Services. Insights from survey respondents into what works well as well as what needs improving will be valuable to both fellow inhouse counsel and arbitration practitioners alike.
The talent challenge: A time for extraordinary leadership
Today’s business leaders find themselves navigating a multi-speed global marketplace where matching talent supply and demand has become a constant headache. At the same time, trust in the world’s businesses (and their leaders) has hit an all-time low. The need to rebuild trust through engagement, which will in turn attract and retain the best talent, set alongside the need to reduce costs still further, creates a powerful dilemma for todays’ leaders. Find out more in this new report.
PwC’s NextGen: A global generational study
How should organisations adapt their companies to fit the demands of both Millennial and non-Millennial employees? Do Millennials and non-Millenials have anything in common? This study, which includes over 40,000 responses from different generations of PwC employees, captures the various forces at play that are influencing the experience of Millennials - including workplace culture, communication and work styles, compensation and career structure, career development and opportunities, and work/life balance.
Navigating the complexity – Findings from a financial transactions transfer pricing global survey
This new book brings together global survey findings on the transfer pricing environment in over 40 countries, giving tax professionals a convenient reference guide to a complex subject matter. From arm's length principles and guarantee fees, to thin capitalisation and cash pool rules, this global study guides tax professionals so they can successfully navigate these complex laws and assure stakeholder compliance.