Global monthly highlights: April 2013

April 2013

Research and insights

16th Annual Global CEO Survey: A focus on tax
Tax has become a key business issue, with 62% of respondents in this year's Global CEO Survey telling us that it’s the biggest risk to their business growth. And in a way we haven't seen before, corporate taxation has become a matter of significant interest to governments, regulators, the media and the general public. In this analysis, we explore tax strategy and its impact on corporate reputation, and the implications for businesses and governments around the world.
Which leaders do CEOs most admire?
As part of our 16th Annual Global CEO Survey, we asked CEOs to share an example of someone from literature or history who exhibited good leadership, and tell us what they admired about them. The variety of characters - and character traits - reveal both strengths and possible shortcomings in the minds of today’s global CEOs. View the top ten people named by CEOs across seven regions and over 60 countries, see how geography influenced their choices with our interactive map, and share your views on leadership by taking our poll.
Risk in Review: Global risk in the transformation age
Building on results from our annual survey of over 800 global executives, this report examines how companies are rethinking their risk strategies and organisation and analytical techniques to cope with today’s complex and uncertain environment. You can use our custom tool to benchmark your own organisation's risk profile and the impact of those risks against your peers, and create a customised report of how your views compare with others.
Choosing China: Insights from multinationals on the investment environment
Foreign investment in China is at a defining moment. While China's economic growth has been nothing short of spectacular amidst a global slowdown, it faces strong competition from other emerging markets that also present favourable returns on investment. This survey report, produced by PwC in support of the China Development Forum, explores how CEOs from multinational companies view investment prospects in China and what they think the Chinese government can do to attract more investment in support of its economic goals.
Seizing back the people agenda
Many financial institutions are reacting to immediate pressures, rather than actively shaping the people strategies they need to move the business forward. But the upheaval in the marketplace and challenge of re-engaging with customers and staff are making the need to regain control of the people agenda ever more pressing. This new report looks at how to ensure people strategies reflect the big competitive decisions within a business, rather than being only short-term responses to stakeholder pressures.
Resetting the compass: How high growth market buyers are moving M&A in a new direction
As figures in this new report highlight, the direction of deal flow between emerging and developed markets is shifting – and the competition for investment is heating up. We investigated what high growth market buyers are looking for in mature market targets, including how buyers and sellers can manage deals successfully. This report provides useful guidance on how to make the most of the opportunities emerging market investors can offer.
Point of view: Mandatory firm rotation
Making it mandatory for audit firms to rotate is one of the measures regulators around the world are looking at with the intention of improving the independence, objectivity and professional scepticism of auditors. In this short point-of-view paper, we outline why we believe mandatory audit firm rotation will put audit quality at significant unnecessary risk and undermine the reliability of financial reporting for any company.