The PwC Family Business Survey 2012

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In order to grow, thrive -- or survive -- family businesses are increasingly expanding across borders.

How will they access the talent and financing they need -- while retaining their unique culture?

67% of respondents had some international sales in 2012 -- by 2017, 74% expect to be in this position


Attracting and retaining the right talent is high on the agenda for family businesses around the world.

How will they compete with other corporates for the top talent that they need?

On average, 64% of family businesses have non-family members on the board


Is keeping the business in the family the best way to carry its founder's dream forward?

Will the transition between generations reinvigorate the family firm - or break it?

Only 41% of family businesses plan to pass both ownership and management of the business to the next generation
Family firm: A resilient model for the 21st century
The PwC Family Business Survey 2012

About the survey

Revealing the unique qualities of the family business

Covering almost 2,000 firms across the world, from both developed and emerging markets, representing sectors as diverse as automotive to aerospace.

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Territory insights

Family firms are thriving globally

From Singapore to South America, our survey looks at the unique challenges that family businesses face regardless of where they are in the world.


Local survey highlights


of the Finnish respondents have grown in the last 12 months and 94% are aiming to grow over the next five years.



PwC Family Business Survey 2012

The survey highlights the significant contribution family businesses bring to economies and communities around the world.

We discovered how family businesses build solid foundations for growth, the challenges they face and, importantly, what the future holds.

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In our survey, 1,952 family businesses in over 30 countries told us about the unique qualities that give them their strength, as well as the particular challenges they face.

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What do family businesses think about when they are looking to hand over the business? How are they going to achieve growth? Do family businesses feel supported by governement? What makes them unique?

We asked, and they answered. Explore the data to see the trends around the world, across sectors and company size.

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