About the Survey

About the Survey
About the PwC Family Business Survey 2012
We’ve talked to almost 2,000 respondents, large and small, around the world, from both developed and emerging markets, across a broad range of industries. We found remarkable similarities among the diversity.
Scaling Up
Scaling Up
The next frontier for more and more family businesses is overseas expansion: 67% of respondents had some level of international sales in 2012. By 2017, that number will jump to 74%.
Recruiting and retaining the right talent is a challenge for family businesses: 64% of them are planning to bring in non-family management in 2012.
While 4 in 10 respondents will pass on ownership and management to the next generation, 25% will pass on ownership but bring in professional managers,citing the next generations lack of skills as an issue.
Territory insights
Territory insights
While our survey revealed striking similarities among all family businesses, we found -- as might be expected, given the vastly different regional economic conditions around the world -- some significant variations in outlook and habits.
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Read our report on what family businesses in 2012 are thinking and planning as they look to compete in an increasingly global marketplace.

We talked to 1,952 family business owners and managers in over 30 countries for our third global survey.

The survey highlights the significant contribution family businesses make to economies and communities around the world.

By talking to a large number of family and non-family members in board positions we discover how solid foundations for growth are established, the challenges these businesses face and what the future holds.

There is a lot that the wider business community can learn from this significant sector and vice versa.

1,952 interviews conducted in over 30 countries

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North America

Canada = 77
USA = 100

Latin America

Mexico = 50
Brazil = 100

Western Europe

Austria = 50
Belgium = 75
Denmark = 50
Finland = 50
France = 50
*Germany = 87
Greece = 33
Ireland = 100
Italy = 82
Malta = 100
Sweden = 100
Switzerland = 100
Turkey = 99
UK = 100

Eastern Europe

Romania = 31
Russia = 49

Middle East and Africa

Middle East = 65
South Africa = 100

Asia and Pacific

Australia = 50
Hong Kong = 50
India = 50
Singapore = 50
South Korea = 74
Taiwan = 34

North America South America South America 2 Western Europe Middle East and Africa Middle East and Africa 2 Asia and Pacific1 Asia and Pacific2 Eastern Europe

*100 interviews were completed in Germany, but only 87 were completed by the cut-off date for inclusion in the global data