Sustaining an affordable asset base for UK plc

Our latest Talking Points publication looks at how government invests in the UK's infrastructure, and the possibilities for extending this to other parts of the public sector.

As a nation, we are unclear on the level of investment needed in our public assets, primarily because we do not actually know the value of much of our existing asset base or the cost of maintaining it.

In sectors such as utilities and transport, however, there are structures in place to ensure that investment is made at a long term sustainable level.  A key question is whether such structures should be rolled out wider across government – for example in the education or health sectors.

In our view, the disciplines around asset due diligence, maintenance and asset management plans, already seen in infrastructure concessions and across utilities working under Regulated Asset Base regimes, need to be rolled out more widely across government in order to identify and then protect the UK's infrastructure investment.

Wrapping the RAB: Cross-sector solutions for infrastructure investment
Watch a short webcast on the role of the Regulated Asset Base (RAB) model in attracting infrastructure investment.