Gridlines: Reinventing Healthcare Infrastructure

This edition of 'Gridlines' covers topics on PPP, Food Safety and Intellectual Capital

This issue of Gridlines focuses on 'Reinventing Healthcare Infrastructure' and presents examples of the emerging trends and technologies driving infrastructure transformation; ways to manage risks and seize opportunities; tactics that help with day-to-day challenges; and interviews with authorities at the center of thought and action.

In this issue, we look at four areas:

  • Financing is always critical. A few notable public-private partnerships helped keep financing flowing in the midst of the Great Recession. Those deals run from Australia to Central Europe to London's main commuter roadway.
  • Corruption is more crippling tto infrastructure than to any other industry. Here, we look at the anti-corruption fight as Haiti recovers from an earthquake and Kurdistan seeks to build a resilient economy.
  • Cities lie at the heart of challenge and opportunity today: Two PwC studies provide a snapshot of near- and long-term urban issues, policy and progress.
  • Rewiring the world for a new, electricity economy revolves around the intelligent, robust transmission and distribution systems being built now.