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Welcome to the Public Centre Research Centre - Canada. This section features insightful research from Canada and similar countries on the issues and the challenges faced by public sector and government officials while providing a roadmap of the future of government. To view global publications, please choose the option "all publications" in the menu to the left.


Agility: The future of government

Through a series of roundtable sessions and interviews PwC along with Canada’s Public Policy Forum are investigating how government could increase their agility.

Education Matters

The fifth issue of Canada’s Education Matters looks at operational efficiency and continuous improvement projects that are engaging staff and helping to identify wasteful activities that prevent them from focusing on student needs.

The connected classroom - How Canadians see the evolution of education

We asked 1,900 Canadians to give us their perspective on the state of education in Canada, and what they think the current system could look like. Their views are clear. They see digital education as a way to improve student outcomes and better prepare students for the future.

Paving the way for the next generation of eservices: How the public sector can meet Canadians’ expectations

This report from the Public Sector Research Centre explores some ways in which the Canadian public sector could move forward towards constructing a roadmap for the next generation of eservices.

Citizen Compass: The next generation of eservices

Canadians looking at private sector service delivery as the benchmark are asking why governments can’t provide the same level of customer service experience as the banks or retailers. In response, governments are increasingly focusing on how they can achieve the next generation of service delivery to meet Canadians’ demands while reducing costs.