Country focus: Brazil

Welcome to the Public Centre Research Centre - Brazil. This section features insightful research from Brazil and similar countries on the issues and the challenges faced by public sector and government officials while providing a roadmap of the future of government. To view global publications, please choose the option "all publications" in the menu to the left.


People Management in the Public Sector National Survey - 4th Edition 2011 (Executive Summary)

This study, conducted by PwC Brazil, explores trends and practices of people management in government organizations and state owned companies acting at national and state/regional levels.

Rethinking government: doing things differently (Portuguese version)

The key risk facing business – uncertain, volatile economic growth – is now integrally linked with the challenge to governments, mainly in the ‘West’, of stabilising their economies by dealing with fiscal deficits and scaling back government debt whilst avoiding punitive increases in tax.

Public Waste Management – An investment for the future of the cities - Brazilian edition

Public Waste Management – An investment for the future of the cities underlines that quality, financial sustainability structures, planning and society´s awareness are major elements needed for success and excellence in public waste management.

Seizing the day: The impact of the global financial crisis on cities and local public services – Brazilian edition

This publication outlines the challenges and the opportunities facing local government leaders following the onset of the global financial crisis and sets out our views on the future for cities and local governments and successful ways for local government leaders to act.

The road ahead for public service delivery: delivering on the customer promise – Brazilian edition

Public sector leaders around the world face a common set of challenges if their services are to meet the increased expectations of their customers - both citizens and businesses.