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Improving public sector productivity through prioritisation, measurement and alignment

This paper from PwC’s Public Sector Research Centre paper explores the drivers and experience of Australia’s public sector productivity initiatives to date and argues that, despite the challenges of the past, productivity is relevant in the public sector context.

Understanding Productivity: Federal Government Benchmarking on Corporate Services

This paper from PwC’s Public Sector Research Centre paper is their first annual benchmarking report on corporate services in Australia’s Commonwealth public sector, with insights from 25 government organisations.

Protecting prosperity - Why we need to talk about tax

Launched in July 2013, this publication from PwC's Public Sector Research Centre looks at the long term future of Australia’s economy and the need for comprehensive tax reform.

Beyond attraction and retention: Indigenous career advancement in the public sector

In 2012, the Institute of Public Administration Australia (Victoria) engaged PwC to undertake a research project examining the links between professional development and career advancement for Indigenous people in the Victorian public sector. The purpose of the project was to generate recommendations for IPAA (Victoria), and its member organisations aimed at increasing Indigenous employment and career advancement in the sector.

The perils of persisting with the educational status quo

Australia’s system of primary and secondary education system has traditionally been a high performing one. However, Australia was outperformed by six countries in reading and scientific literacy, and 12 countries in mathematical literacy. The majority of countries that outperformed Australia are located in East Asia.

Fighting Fraud in the Public Sector II

PwC has released Fighting Fraud in the Public Sector II, based on the Australian results of its 6th Global Economic Crime Survey.

Transforming the citizen experience, One Stop Shop for public services

Reforms in the public sector which are aimed at improving service delivery have received considerable focus over the last decade.

Protecting human health and safety during severe and extreme heat events: A national framework

Heatwaves kill more Australians than any other natural disasters. They have received far less public attention than cyclones, floods or bushfires – they are private, silent deaths which only hit the media when morgues reach capacity or infrastructure fails.

Investing in a better life, a stronger Australia

People with disability are the largest minority in Australia – about one in five Australians has a disability. They are also one of the most disadvantaged groups, with sub-standard outcomes on most indicators of community participation and wellbeing. The Productivity Commission reported that the current disability support system is “underfunded, unfair, fragmented and inefficient...”. The imperative for changing the disability experience in Australia is clear. The time to act is now.

What's the score? PwC Productivity Scorecard

Prepared by our Economics and Policy team, the PwC Productivity Scorecardis a quarterly publication measuring productivity across the Australian economy.

Australia's Carbon Price - What does it mean for your business?

In this paper, PwC analyses the key features of the plan to be introduced from July 2012 and looks at what business needs to consider.

Improving your commute : Lifting customer service in public transport

Public transport makes a crucial contribution to liveable cities providing access to employment, education, recreation and community services, as well as contributing to social equity and relieving traffic congestion.

Funding Infrastructure: Time for a new approach?

There is no doubt that Australia needs to invest in Infrastructure. Solid levels of population growth, the resources boom and the change in demographic means that the demand for new Infrastructure will continue for sometime to come. PPPs are considered by some not to be the solution of the future. In this paper we explore alternatives to the PPP model using a revenue based approach.

A practical vision for early childhood education and care

For some time we have known that the period between birth and five years is vital in so many ways to children for both their future well being and their development.

Effective Disaster Recovery - What lessons can we learn from Australia's Black Saturday Bushfires?

Comments on some of the lessons learned from ‘Black Saturday’ in Victoria last year to assist recovery in the event of disaster or, more importantly, assist in disaster planning.