Strategic Supply Chain Management, 2nd edition
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Praise for the book

Jim Miller,
VP Worldwide Operations, Google
"This book shows convincingly that a robust supply chain strategy is critical for business success in today’s uncertain economic environment. Cohen and Roussel explain not only what makes for a good supply chain strategy, but also how to put that strategy into practice."
Manish Bhatia,
SVP, Worldwide Operations, SanDisk
"Strategic Supply Chain Management loudly and clearly makes the case that successful companies' supply chain strategy is closely aligned with their competitive differentiation and operating model. The book uses in-depth examples that bring these concepts to life and demonstrate that one size doesn't fit all. Anyone who thinks operations is just another corporate function needs to read this book."
Martin Roper,
Chief Executive Officer and President, Boston Beer
"The advent of global marketplaces, heightened competition, accelerated pace of product innovation, and fast-changing customer preferences have increased the impact of the supply chain on company profitability and long-term success. But cultural challenges to successful supply chain design remain. Cohen and Roussel provide a platform for addressing these challenges and is recommended reading for chief executives, strategy professionals and supply chain practitioners."
Hau Lee,
Thoma Professor of Operations, Information, and Technology, Stanford Graduate School of Business
"The authors present a straightforward path for developing and deploying a global supply chain strategy that addresses the priorities of today's executive management teams."
Joe Francis,
Executive Director, Supply Chain Council
"Strategic Supply Chain Management Second Edition is an important resource for executives who are trying to take their supply chain performance to the next level. Given the enormous challenges of the current business environment, it’s must reading."
Martin Christopher,
Emeritus Professor of Marketing & Logistics, Cranfield School of Business, Cranfield University
"Following on from their ground-breaking First Edition, the authors provide further evidence of the critical role of supply chain management in creating competitive advantage. Managers facing the challenge of coping with increasing levels of complexity in global supply chains will find valuable guidance in this in this revised work."
Takafumi Asano,
Senior Vice President, and President, Eisai Demand Chain Systems, Eisai Co. Ltd.
"Offering practical insights relevant to all members of the management team, this book illustrates how companies can use their demand chains to become market leaders. I recommend it highly."
Greg Clapp,
SVP, Operations, Fujitsu
"This is not another one of those books that are heavy on theory but light on practical advice. Filled with examples of companies from a wide range of industries and geographical regions, it provides guidance that is clear and easy to understand."
Bill Black,
Group SVP for Quality and Operational Excellence, ABB
"Strategic Supply Chain Management Second Edition is a great refresher for senior executives seeking to update their knowledge of modern supply chain management. It’s equally useful for those new to the subject who need to understand how top global supply chains work."
Robert Keels,
Director of Manufacturer Services Development, Alliance Healthcare
"This book has it all—innovative content, compelling data, and accounts of top global companies that have made their supply chains potent strategic assets. It should be on all senior executives’ reading lists."
Abe Eshkenazi,
CEO, APICS, The Association for Operations Management
"Theory can take you only so far. This book goes the distance, with practice advice and concrete examples that illustrate how top companies use their supply chains for a competitive edge—not only what makes for a robust supply chain strategy, but also how to put that strategy into practice."
Bill Muir,
Chief Operating Officer, Jabil
"This essential read presents a practical account of how to get the most out of your supply chain. It should be required reading for the senior management team."
Paul Bischler,
Vice President and Controller, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway
"Concise and cogent, Strategic Supply Chain Management Second Edition lays out the key components for top supply chain performance, and backs up these insights with new benchmarking research. Managers across the organization will find answers to their supply chain questions here."