The Africa oil & gas survey 2010

The focus of previous oil & gas surveys has been on a global or a country basis and does not provide an African bias. This, the inaugural PwC African oil & gas survey, focuses on Africa and how companies are dealing with and adapting to the new economic landscape and the improving view of Africa as an area of exploration and development.

Strategy and long range planning are even more important in today’s uncertain environment. Oil & gas companies must control costs. They will continue to weigh the risks versus benefits of new projects, new products and how much capital to invest. Behind such decisions, there are regulatory, safety and environmental considerations. Balancing the need to supply the world with hydrocarbons, companies are also considering investments in alternative energy sources.

This report contains the results from an online survey and interviews conducted by PwC during the second quarter of 2010, to better understand market perceptions and issues currently impacting the oil & gas industry in Africa.