Total tax contribution

We are pleased to present PricewaterhouseCoopers’ second Total tax contribution (TTC) study of the global mining Industry, which aims to bring greater transparency to the full contribution that mining companies make to public finances. This study is larger than our original study and includes 22 mining companies operating in 20 different jurisdictions. The results analyse their total payments to government, focusing on their most significant operations in the various locations. We received a positive response to our first study for the global mining Industry, validating our perception that there is keen interest in better understanding the complete tax and other payments that mining companies make to government.

We hope this study’s results will provide new information about the economic footprint of mining companies and how they contribute to the public finances and the communities where they operate. Some mining companies are including TTC data in their corporate reporting and we hope more may do so.

We welcome feedback and comments on the study.