Portfolio Advisory Group

PwC’s Global Portfolio Advisory Group plays a strategic role in assisting its clients in both selling and buying non-core or distressed loan portfolios and financial assets. We build relationships between specialised investors and sellers and facilitate access to market key players. As sell side advisor, we are well positioned through our extensive relationships with a pool of dedicated global investors, to ensure any deal is marketed to a wide audience of investors. Having advised buyers and sellers around the globe for more than 10 years, we have the expertise and experience to manage the transactions from beginning to end.

As sell side advisor we can assist client with the selection of loan/debt portfolios strategies via a detailed analysis of the various costs/benefits of either ‘holding" or "selling", including the financial, capital and resource implications of same. We also advise on the optimal tranching of loans/debts, investor selection and communication, pre sale diligence of the portfolio, valuation of the portfolio, creation/maintenance of an on-line dataroom and assistance with sale and purchase documentation.

As buy side advisor, we help investors to evaluate loan and receivable portfolios through loan file and borrower due diligence, assistance with portfolio valuations, input regarding pricing and contractual negotiations, deal/opportunity sourcing and other ad hoc assistance.

Our team combines global expertise from a range of disciplines across PwC, with unrivalled experience spanning hundreds of non-performing and non-core portfolio transactions over the past 12 years.

Contact us if
  • You are looking to release capital or achieve other efficiencies through exiting particular asset classes
  • You are looking to understand the market for, or maximise from the sale value of, a portfolio of loans, receivables or other financial assets
  • You are looking to understand the range of exit options available for a portfolio of loans or debt
  • You require due diligence,  valuation and/or other support in the review or purchase of a loan/debt or financial asset portfolio
How we can support you

We can support you in a number of ways and can tailor a bespoke service suited to your requirements. This could take the shape of a full suite service offering or help in a number of the below areas as examples:

  • 1 - Sell-side lead advisor
  • 2 - Buy-side due diligence and support
  • 3 - Portfolio valuation analysis and support
  • 4 - Structuring advisory
  • 5 - Other portfolio review assistance

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