International financial centres


Recent developments have placed international focus squarely on international finance centres (IFCs), and their role in the international financial markets will continue to be the subject of intense debate. The success of IFCs such as the Dubai IFC (DIFC) has provided encouragement for other jurisdictions wishing to set up their own. An IFC should have a clear and comprehensive set of laws, designed to create a robust legal and regulatory environment that promotes accountability, transparency and strong corporate governance. The IFC’s laws should seek to offer flexibility and certainty in areas such as legal entity choice, management structure, contractual arrangements, security enforcement, dispute resolutions etc, to meet the commercial needs of clients establishing and operating businesses in the IFC.

We have developed a unique approach to designing and implementing IFCs, which draws on the wide range of specialist expertise across our strategy, regulatory, tax, legal and implementation networks to design and implement innovative frameworks, as well as assisting clients in improving their existing IFC offerings. We work closely with our local PwC colleagues to ensure that IFCs developed are a good fit with the local cultural, political and regulatory environment.

We can assist with strategic reviews of local laws and regulations, identifying areas for new legislation, and drafting laws and regulations for the IFC based on consultation with the relevant government bodies and other stakeholders.