Information technology


Practice areas in the field of information technology (IT) law include legal advice and support on all IT-related issues. The legal services network is able to provide service in more than 90 countries, and can successfully address all the IT concerns of companies and institutions of all sizes. Our areas of specialisation include:

  • commerce and business - Legal counsel on IT-related compliance, as well as the integration of compliance procedures within corporate business processes;
  • contracting and procurement - The development and negotiation of IT contracts, including software license, hardware and software maintenance and support, as well as outsourcing agreements, and definition of service level agreements, etc.;
  • government - Legal advice on the implementation of IT-based relationships; between government bodies, or between government bodies and citizens, including legislation development and issues such as e-registries, e-notifications, electronic signatures related with public procedures, e-procurement for government bodies, etc.;
  • signatures and invoicing - Legal advice on the implementation of, and compliance with, the legal requirements regarding e-signatures and e-invoicing; and
  • IT litigation - Litigation related to failed IT and e-procurement projects.