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Our people: Leadership at all levels
1 Oct 2013
PwC Network Vice Chairman, Global Human Capital, Dennis Finn discusses PwC's distinctive new leadership model, which seeks to define and encourage leadership at all levels, and create value for our clients and communities.
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Dennis J. Finn
Vice Chairman, People
Dennis Finn is Vice Chairman, People. Dennis has a strong background in the area of cultural change, people and leadership. He brings both a diversity of experience as well as global point-of-view to his leadership positions.

Dennis joined PwC in 2004 as a direct-admit partner in PwC Australia. He first served as the founding Performance Improvement Leader and later as the National Advisory Leader for PwC Australia. He went on to play other key roles, including that of Global Engagement Partner for one of Australia's leading telecommunications and information services companies as well as Human Capital Leader for PwC Australia and the East Cluster, which includes all of Asia. More recently, Dennis served as PwC's Global Talent and Development Leader.

Prior to joining PwC, Dennis ran his own strategy consulting practice and served as Chief Executive of a number of businesses. Dennis brings unique insight to his work gained from his extensive experience in a number of executive leadership roles within global companies. As an independent consultant, Dennis has worked directly for various chairmen and CEOs. His consulting focuses on the formulation of vision, strategy and change management and pays particular attention to the people element. His additional involvement with executive coaching is at CEO and direct report level and specializes in many aspects of leadership and people development.

In 1990, Dennis and his family began a global career. Initially, Dennis moved from the United Kingdom to New Zealand, and then to Australia, serving in executive roles in a variety of corporations in consumer goods and manufacturing industries as both the head of Human Capital and Chief Executive. At the start of his career, Dennis joined British Nuclear Fuels and spent 10 years in the nuclear power industry, initially as a qualified radiographer before studying Nuclear and Chemical Plant Operations.

Dennis grew up in the Lake district of England. He and his wife recently relocated from Australia to the United States. They now live in New York and enjoy music, great food, fine wine and football.