Operating model: How can you develop the appropriate capabilities required to grow profitably in the new market?

Establishing the necessary balance of global and local expertise to be able to source, manufacture, and distribute effectively is key to building profitable capabilities in the Growth Markets

Channel - Key considerations:

  • How can you reach target customers more efficiently while meeting their purchasing preferences?
  • What are the predominant routes to market for your target consumers?
  • What is the balance between direct and indirect routes to market in this market?
  • How can you manage local distributors to ensure your propositions are positioned appropriately?
  • Should you develop additional channel capabilities to meet your target consumers’ needs?

Operating Processes - Key considerations:

  • How can you develop the appropriate capabilities to grow profitably in the new market?
  • What capabilities and processes should you keep offshore vs import into the new market?
  • What marketing, sales and service capabilities do you need to develop locally?
  • Do local standards meet your global benchmarks?
  • Should you look to develop local capabilities or partner with a local player in the early stages?

Supply chain - Key considerations:

  • How do you ensure consistent and high quality sourcing, production, and delivery that don’t compromise your company standards?
  • What infrastructure issues do you need to consider?
  • Transport links, storage quality, etc. Are you able to access the necessary materials locally to manufacture your proposition?
  • Where are the local vendors in relation to your production sites and target consumers?
  • How are supply and inventory tracking measured locally?
  • What KPIs are tracked?