Financial & Human capital: How can you build effective partnerships and teams to succeed in a new market?

Addressing the softer challenges: Acquiring talent, developing partnerships, securing financial support and appreciating cultural nuances need constant consideration - not just when entering a new market, but throughout a company’s expansion journey

Investment roadmap & partnerships - Key considerations:

  • What are the investment options and financial policies for foreign firms in a new Growth Market?
  • What are the key issues foreign companies face in partnering locally in this market?
  • What is the best method for entering the market? Acquisition, JV, franchise or alone?
  • How should you identify and assess the most suitable partner or target company?
  • What financial policies are in place for foreign companies to raise and extract funds?

Leadership, talent & governance - Key considerations:

  • How can you identify the right local talent and build an effective organisation?
  • Which roles will you need to staff from outside the country and locally?
  • What is the local availability of good senior, experienced talent for your sector?
  • What is the average retention rate for your sector locally?
  • What are the key factors in retention?
  • What are the typical salary and associated costs you should be aware of (pensions, social insurance)?

Cultural capital - Key considerations:

  • What are the local cultural norms essential for you to function effectively in the Growth Market?
  • How does doing business in this growth market differ from conducting business back home?
  • What are the different social classes and hierarchies in the growth territory. How does this affect the way business is conducted?
  • How does consumer buying behaviour vary due to the cultural/ social norms?
  • Are business relationships more contractual or trust based?