Key issues & services: Tax administration

As responsibility for implementing aid programmes moves inexorably towards the recipient country governments, the key drivers of development are increasingly to be found in the developing countries themselves. Equitable and finely-tuned tax administrations, healthy growth in the domestic private sector, infrastructure funded by foreign and domestic investment, and inflows of outworkers' remittances, can all be translated into positive development outcomes in the health and education sectors.

How PwC can help

Simple tax reforms can include consolidating the number of taxes, filling loopholes and simplifying collection procedures. More specifically PwC offers:

  • Organisational strategy and planning;
  • Operational planning;
  • Tax policy advice;
  • Drafting of legislation;
  • Business process re-engineering;
  • Benchmarking and performance measurement;
  • IT systems design and implementation;
  • Risk-based audit strategies and risk analysis;
  • Capacity building and training; and
  • Taxpayer services and education.