Key issues & services: Healthcare delivery

According to the Millennium Development Goals—eight international development objectives agreed to by a large number of UN member states and international organisations—access to basic health care is central to the poverty reduction worldwide. In fact, at the Copenhagen Convention in 2004, a panel of Nobel prize-winners concluded that investments in health are the most productive the global community can make.

In this respect, Africa offers the greatest opportunity: while the continent is home to only 14 percent of the world's population, its people shoulder 44 percent of the global burden of communicable diseases. It goes without saying that a healthy workforce is a prerequisite of economic advancement and sustainable development.

How PwC can help

We can help by:

  • Measuring programme outcomes;
  • Advising on health financing;
  • Encouraging a continued dialogue between the public and the authorities; and
  • Mobilising the private sector in the fight against HIV/AIDS and other serious diseases.