Emerging markets

The dynamic economic development of the so-called emerging markets will fundamentally change world trade in the future. The hubs of global flows of goods as well as trade routes will shift towards the emerging markets. Thanks to this strong development new logistics passageways will appear on our world map: passages between Asia and Africa, between Asia and South America and within Asia. The expected relative weight of the flow of goods between the continents will shift considerably.

Due to the reorientation of flows of goods, substantial opportunities are open to international logistics service providers. Globally operating providers have already targeted the growing markets in these emerging countries. Looking at future transport routes and the increasing transport volumes, emerging markets need to invest heavily in transport infrastructure in order to handle the sheer seize. Medium-sized companies are also capitalising on this change for further growth and international alliances are one particularly promising model.

Companies operating in emerging markets are at a crossroads in their development and are facing numerous strategic questions. Should they expand or try new niches? Should they make acquisitions? Should they aim for a stock-exchange float? Should they allow themselves to be acquired? Should they forge an alliance? Should they invest in new technology? Should they aim to optimise their cost base to counteract the trend towards smaller margins?

Whatever challenges your company faces, today or tomorrow, we are there to assist you. Our transaction support, performance improvement and crisis management specialists combined with our global network of industry professionals in transportation & logistics provide you with the experience and knowledge you need to help you operate successfully in emerging markets:

  • Strategic planning
  • Growth strategy
  • Financial & acquisition strategy
  • Customer strategy
  • Business & technology design
  • Organisational strategy

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