Logistics in China: An All-inclusive Market?

This study analyses the Chinese Logistics industry by surveying procurement/ purchasing or logistics managers in 250 enterprises. The sample comprises top German companies in five industries, retail and consumer goods, automotive, mechanical engineering, engineering & construction and chemicals.

The survey reflects the activities of enterprises in China, reviews their satisfaction with logistics partners and analyses companies’ engagement in sustainability, e.g. concerning their logistics facilities and looks on views on fraud in China.

The survey also gives an outlook of the future plans of transportation and logistics customers in China. Are there any plans to relocate to another country or within China? What are the main characteristics for choosing their logistics service provider? Do the companies rather outsource their logistics or handle it on their own? How present is the field contract logistics to the potential customers?

The second comprises PwC experts’ view on the special impacts on each industry and their logistics facilities:

  • Contract logistics has great development potential and should be considered as an option to enter the Chinese market.
  • Companies of the chemicals industry are the most sensitive ones concerning the protection of the environment.
  • The mechanical engineering industry is highly afraid of dangers of product counterfeiting and patent violations.
  • Companies of the automotive industry need to consider contracts with nearby providers to face the rapid growth of the automotive market in China.

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