Delivering solutions — first class

Welcome to this new capability statement, show casing our commitment to serving Logistics & Post companies. Here at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) our industry practice has grown in step with the sector, supporting our clients through market restructurings, regulatory transformations, technological advances, changes in financial reporting and new corporate governance requirements. In this document, we discuss a number of important trends and key challenges facing the sector, and detail some of the services and solutions we can provide to help you address these key issues. Also, each of these 10 chapters includes;
  • Case studies of work that our dedicated industry practitioners have performed tailored to the specific needs of national and multinational Post companies and logistics service providers
  • PwC’s relevant thought leadership publications
  • Tips for thriving during the tough times we are experiencing today
Our investment in the Logistics & Post sector provides you with professionals who understand the nuances and challenges of your industry and who bring an experienced and fresh perspective to your company - PwC’s response to your challenges.