Contract Logistics

The pressure to rationalise and cut costs is forcing industrial and commercial firms to outsource logistics services more and more. While standard activities such as transportation, handling and warehousing have dominated in recent years, today companies are looking further afield by outsourcing more complex functions. Long-term contracts tailored to the specific needs of each customer make up a special type of logistics services: contract logistics. PwC supports transportation & logistics companies in planning and implementing contract logistics projects with a comprehensive value management approach.

Our value management approach for contract logistics comprises four steps:

  1. Analyse the market and industry
  2. Evaluate projects
  3. Develop contracts
  4. Monitor success

This is important to build upon the value management approach shown above to ensure that future contract logistics projects:

  • achieve profit and return targets with manageable risk,
  • optimize network capacity usage,
  • build customer loyalty,
  • improve long-term competitive position, and thus
  • add lasting value to the company.