The software industry has come of age. The signs are everywhere: maturing business models, gains through operational performance rather than technology innovations, and growth through mergers or acquisitions rather than organic development. Through it all, revenue recognition continues to be a major issue in this industry.

Providing superb guidance on the latest accounting standards for revenue recognition and advanced insight into big macro issues facing software companies are just some of the reasons we’re a leading provider of professional services to the software industry.

We also help growth software companies unlock extraordinary potential by turning their vision into reality. We are ready to help your company face the challenges the software industry throws your way. 

Title of publicationA changing software industry
Title of publicationSoftware IPO and M&A activity
Title of publicationThe impact of emerging markets
Title of publicationBig data is a big opportunity
Title of publicationThe Facebook revolution -- the impact of social media on the software industry
Title of publicationThe changing role of the CIO
Title of publicationStaying relevant amidst the consumerisation of technology

A changing software industry
Mark McCaffrey outlines the four forces that are transforming today's global software industry.

Software IPO and M&A activity
Mark McCaffrey discusses the factors that are impacting the global IPO market and M&A activity in the global software industry.

The impact of emerging markets
How are markets like China and Russia affecting the global software industry?

Big data is a big opportunity
Companies that can transform the tidal wave of available data into usable information have a bright future.

The Facebook revolution -- the impact of social media on the software industry
Social media offers software companies the ability to really get to know what their customers want...and deliver it almost immediately.

The changing role of the CIO
Today's CIOs aren't just internal IT managers any more -- they are strategists and marketers with a key role to play externally as well as internally

Staying relevant amidst the consumerisation of technology
The biggest challenge for today's software companies is to remain relevant to their customers -- delivering products and services they want in the way they want them