Global 100 Software Leaders

Thanks to software, we are not only living in a time of unprecedented innovation, but also one of unprecedented opportunity and uncertainty. This series of articles identifies today's leading software companies and goes on to explore the trends, challenges and opportunities impacting them.

The globalisation of the software industry creates emerging market stars

With globalisation, successful software companies are no longer limited to the US and Europe. They’re everywhere around the globe. They have some common characteristics, common advantages and common disadvantages. These leaders have overcome the disadvantages and levered the advantages to become companies to be reckoned with, either as competitors or partners.

Top 5 Emerging Market Software Companies

1. Kaspersky Lab (Russia)
2. TOTVS (Brazil)
3. Neusoft (China)
4. ESET (Slovakia)
5. Yonyou Network (China)

Today, global software vendors are as likely to compete with companies in Seoul, Shanghai and other markets as with companies in Seattle or Silicon Valley

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Most of the Emerging Markets Top 30 Software Companies have build their businesses on regional strengths and local needs---security software in Eastern Europe, ERP software in Asia.

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Local knowledge, lower-cost labour and tech-savvy populations are real advantages for emerging-market software companies. But on the flip side, intellectual property laws, government support and brain drain are all significant challenges that also need to be addressed.

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How do emerging market companies get traction? They must go global and when it comes to having the wherewithal to go global, emerging-market companies have more options than ever before.

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As the world enters the next chapter of technological disruption led by trends in the Internet of Things, AI and cloud computing, the software industry will witness new leaders emerging and the potential disruption of well-established players.

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The 25 Fastest Growing Cloud Companies

Cloud computing offers opportunity and obstacles. It can increase customer engagement, but it also lowers switching costs, thereby potentially increasing turnover if there is customer dissatisfaction. Software vendors must think about how they will transition all phases of their companies—not just the technical ones—to this new paradigm.

Global 100

The new edition of the PwC Global 100 Software Leaders ranking reveals the vendors who are taking advantage of both the evolutionary and revolutionary changes afoot in technology. While the cloud continues to underpin massive change, other trends are building on its capabilities to create opportunities in digital innovation, industrial capabilities and convergence within vertical markets.

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