Storage: Quenching the thirst for more

NAND flash memory, compound annual growth rate (CAGR)

PwC's Mobile Technologies Index forecasts a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 35 percent for NAND flash memory, as measured in Megabytes per dollar (MB/$), through 2015. NAND is the storage component in our Index because it is used in solid-state drives (SSD). Mobile devices created an early market for SSDs, replacing larger mechanical hard drives. Now, mobile innovation is benefiting from the growing demand for solid state in all other computing devices, and the volume-driven, price-performance improvements the broader demand sustains.

Our 35% CAGR forecast means that OEMs in 2015 will be able to install more than three times as much NAND for the same price as they do today. Average flash capacity in high-end handsets is already 22GB, and will grow to 50GB by 2015. These numbers are averages — some smartphones and tablets already offer 64GB. We expect to see some 128GB tablets soon and some 256GB tablets are likely next year.

What will users do with three-times the storage they have now? Much of it will be used to store more HD video and photos at higher levels of resolution. A 128GB drive could store HD versions of the last four or five Oscar-winning films on your tablet.

Cloud-based applications and storage services will also factor into mobile use cases and business models.

To learn more about how increased storage will impact new uses cases and how cloud storage will come into play, read or download the full article.

Total storage capacity comparison 

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