Phase II Wrap-up: Context as a driving force for mobile innovation

This article concludes Phase II, New technological capabilities, of the Mobile Innovations Forecast. The five articles in this series argue that mobile innovation to 2019 will revolve around capturing and modeling the contextual situation of mobile users. Such knowledge will power predictive mobile applications and services to address users' needs and desires, often without users needing to request them explicitly. The inherent value of enabling users to converse naturally with their devices and services to get what they want, when and how they want it is immense.

The goal of Phase II of the MIF is to analyse which new technical capabilities help make mobile systems more context-aware, and which new capabilities help add contextual intelligence to users' mobile experiences. PwC believes that contextual awareness and intelligence capabilities until 2019 will emerge from the interaction of three core technical capabilities, as explored in previous Phase II articles:

  1. Device and environmental sensors
  2. Programmable communications networks
  3. Natural language processing and machine learning

The next phase of the MIF will analyse new use cases and business models that are responding and co-evolving with contextual intelligence capabilities. To learn more, read or download the full article.

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