Managing cost & complexity

To boost corporate margins, and improve nimbleness and longevity, enterprises need to manage operational and product costs, and complexity. Relentless focus on doing this well through innovations in both technology and processes results in a more efficient cost structure. Further, utilising a cloud-based infrastructure for all or part of a company’s IT needs can significantly trim IT spend.

For multi-site corporations, establishing a formal review process to assess the operational footprint at periodic intervals and as part of the long-range strategic planning process, can help you gain a substantial competitive edge—with more streamlined cost structures, more efficient supply chain processes, more shock-proof networks, and a range of other benefits.

How PwC can help

  • Assess current innovation strategy and operating model as compared to leading practices
  • Design and implement a leading-practice strategy and operating model
  • Establish transparent management of information and accountability to drive sustainable cost reduction
  • Reallocate infrastructure spend from operations to innovation
  • Build an IT infrastructure that can respond to changing priorities
  • Introduce an organizational structure and processes, which allows you to quickly deploy resources across your organization where they are most needed
  • Align your operational, tax and legal structures to achieve sustainable financial and operational benefits during business transformation
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