How do customers behave differently when purchasing in different retail sectors?

Highlights from our survey findings about shopping habits in the grocery sector

  • Of those who shop from an out of country online retailer, only 13% of grocery shoppers said they would be likely to purchase groceries – one of the lowest number in any of the categories.  Perhaps not surprisingly, shoppers from China expressed most interest in purchasing out of country, at 35%.  Shoppers from Japan also expressed more interest – 29% said they would be likely.  
  •  Only 28% of shoppers preferred to research grocery purchases online, while 55% said they’d rather do it in store.    
  • 72% still preferred to make grocery purchases in store, while just 20% preferred to do it online – mainly on a PC.     
  • Only 12% of buyers in this category did not do any research before purchasing.  
  • 64% of buyers in this category made at least some of their purchases online in the last year.   Leading the way, 79% of Middle East shoppers and 77% of India shoppers had made at least some purchases online. By contrast, only 44% of Japan shoppers said they had made at least some of their grocery purchases online.
  • 42% of the global sample said they had not purchased online in this category in the last 12 months.  Canada (61%), Denmark (63%) and the US (58%) were most likely not to have, while only 11% of China shoppers said they had not. 

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