Consumer electronics and computers

How do customers behave differently when purchasing in different retail sectors?

Highlights from our survey findings about shopping habits in consumer electronics and computers

  • Of those shoppers purchasing from out of country online retailers, 44% of shoppers say they’d be likely to buy consumer electronics or computers. This was highest for Brazil (58%), India (57%), and Mexico (57%). 
  • Researching online was the preferred method for 60% of consumer electronics and computer shoppers; 29% preferred to research in store.
  • When it came to purchasing electronics 52% preferred to do it in store and 40% online, primarily via computer (32%). Just 4% liked to do so by mobile phone.
  • Just 5% of consumer electronics and computer shoppers did not do any research before purchasing; shoppers in this category are the least likely to do any research before purchasing. Of the countries in the survey, Belgium and US shoppers were some of the most likely not to do any research (8%).
  • 58% of buyers in this category had made at least some purchases online in the last year. Brazil, China, France, India and Turkey were the countries in which over 60% of consumers were  likely to say they had made at least some electronic purchases online.22% of global respondents had not purchased in this category online during the past year. South Africa and Belgium shoppers were the most likely not to have purchased online in this category at all in the last year (both at 36%).  

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