Index of services

Business model & supply chain advisory for China market

How to improve efficiency, reduce cost and better manage changes in the Pharma sector.

Compliance Monitoring and Program Development Services

How can pharmaceutical and life sciences companies improve monitoring techniques to anticipate and mitigate compliance risk.

Corporate integrity agreement and independent review organisation services

How can pharmaceutical and life sciences companies effectively meet the challenges of negotiating and implementing a corporate integrity agreement.

Drug safety and pharmacovigilance advisory services

How can pharmaceutical and life sciences companies effectively implement proactive pharmacovigilance and drug safety programs.

Good clinical practice services

How can pharmaceutical and life sciences companies sustain compliance with good clinical practice requirements.

Government price reporting compliance services

How can pharmaceutical and life sciences companies comply with the increasing demands of government price reporting.

Integrated R&D Operations and Business Planning

How can an integrated operations and business planning framework increase the productivity of an organization's R&D.

Internal audit services

How can pharmaceutical and life sciences companies optimize the internal audit function in a rapidly changing risk environment.

Licensing management and contract compliance services

How can pharmaceutical companies proactively manage their strategic alliances for maximum financial benefit.

Pharma Outsourcing Services

In an atmosphere of declining research and development (R&D) productivity, mounting pricing pressure and changing regulatory requirements, global pharmaceutical and life sciences companies face increasing challenges to achieve and maintain profitable growth. Global pharmaceutical outsourcing offers companies an opportunity to face these challenges. By forming strategic relationships with outsourcing partners, companies can focus on core competencies, access specialised expertise, achieve cost-saving benefits and reduce burn rates that lead directly to greater shareholder value.

Process Analytical Technology (PAT) services

Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD).

Sales and marketing compliance services

PricewaterhouseCoopers's experienced professionals have thorough knowledge of sales and marketing operations and can recommend the most effective practices to mitigate compliance risk. Our in-depth knowledge in compliance risk analysis enables us to rapidly and effectively facilitate a compliance assessment of the major sales and marketing activities used to promote products.

State level reporting compliance services

Our deep technology and data management experience will help you better leverage existing information to solve your state reporting and other compliance related challenges from disparate and vast data sources.

Supply Chain and Distribution/Manufacturing Services

Are you unlocking the value of your supply chain?

Supply chain services for new entrants

Building or scaling a business is full of challenges. From obtaining the required funding, attracting and retaining the right skills, to building relationships with key partners.

Technology and value chain alignment

Is your technology aligned with your organisation’s value chain?

Technology compliance services

PwC recently surveyed 17 pharmaceutical companies on the issues surrounding information technology (IT) governance, risk, and compliance management.

Wholesaler contractual compliance services

PwC has developed sophisticated data analysis and testing approaches to help manufacturers close some of the gaps.